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How I Work:
My 7-Step Lead Generation,
Sales Copy Creation Process

Once we discuss some of the details and you've given me the go ahead and deposit, your project gets officially entered onto my schedule and you lock in my calendar.

Each project, including yours, is unique and custom made. I want to deliver the absolute best results, guarantee your satisfaction, and meet your deadline…

This is why, over seven years ago, I built and systemized my proprietary 7-Step Lead Generation, Copy Creation Process.


Step 1- Start Kit:

I require copies and/or links to all current and past messaging, marketing pieces, and any communication produced by you and your staff. Things like website, emails, products, sell sheets, reports, ads, competitive research, etc.

I may also interview key players for the assignment to help fill in any gaps. The interview is done by phone, email, or occasionally in person.

This background gets me up to speed and allows me to understand your company, its products, voice, current clients, patients, and customers, your competitors, and the personality/brand your market faces.

More importantly, it allows me to see what is working, has worked in the past, and what has failed. This saves us a lot of time from making the same mistakes, and keeps me focused in the right direction.

Step 2- Goal and Target Identification:

What's the goal for the project and how do we know we hit it? At this stage we develop a sharp focus for the assignment to make sure it’s a success.

Step 3- Market Research:

Who is your best client, patient, or customer? What does he want? What does she need or want to hear in order to take action with YOU? How does he want to hear it said? What are her hot buttons, problems, desires? What keeps them up at night? This step is all about getting into your prospects’ head, and discovering what gets their attention, and making them feel comfortable doing business and buying from you.

Step 4- Product or Service Research:

What’s special about your product? What is the USP? In this step, depending on your goals, I may test the product, interview the people who designed the product, or even interview happy customers and learn why they love your product or service so much. I may even mystery shop you to get an accurate view of the customer experience.

Step 5- Competitive Research:

Part of the Start Kit from step #1 includes information about your competitors. However, I like to perform my own research to uncover areas we may be missing.

For instance, I look for holes in their marketing, messaging, or lead generation efforts. What and where are their areas of weakness, and how can we exploit them? What are your ideal clients seeing and getting from your competitors? Why do your prospects do business with the competition?

This step may also include keyword research or analyzing their website, landing pages, ads, products, or services. How do we grab a toehold and chip away at them?

Step 6- Campaign Build Out, Quality Control, and Delivery:

This is the hands-on mechanics of creating and delivering your project. It could be a PPC campaign, press release, report, landing page, email series, or a combination. (Each project type is put through it’s own systemized creation process to ensure quality.)

Once I have the appropriate view of the battlefield through the five prior steps, and your project is built out, we are prepared to implement and execute the campaign to hit our goals.

Anything I do not handle personally, for instance, graphic design or computer coding is handed to the appropriate professionals and monitored at this stage. (If you do not have prior relationships, I can help introduce you to appropriate professionals.)

Your project goes through quality control – it is reviewed, edited, proofread, and polished before it is launched or delivered to you; on or before the deadline date.

Every step of the way we’re in communication, this way you’re never left in the dark.

*Optional Step 7- Monthly Optimization Management:

On certain projects, such as PPC ad campaigns, ongoing email campaigns, or website traffic optimization, additional steps are needed to reach the goals. These steps would include A/B testing, click map analysis, web traffic analysis, or others.

If this step is necessary and appropriate to your campaign, we discuss it ahead of time and include it in the scope of the project.

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