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Sample Portfolio

Below are a few samples of my work with summary explanations.

If you want to see more samples or have a special request contact me HERE. You'll also get a copy of my Infomation Kit with additional samples, current fee schedule, and additional goodies you can put to work today. .

I have over 100 samples to share with you from lead generating emails, post cards, ads, white papers, landing pages, content pages on websites, social media, mobile marketing, PPC ads, display ads, articles, blog posts, etc.

If we can use it to generate leads and get people buying from you, I’ve probably used it or done it at least once.

Each project I’ve worked on, and each piece I’ve written, is to a specific audience and market. Effective marketing is written in a unique voice and used for different reasons by different clients and client needs.

No matter what, there are dozens of ways to generate leads, nurture them, and convert them. Just look at the variety of ways below…

Web, Website, Web page copy, SEO, List Building, and more…

I’ve helped launch a few content based website companies (within education, martial arts, and cosmetic dentistry).

In order to complete these projects I wrote the copy, completed SEO research on keywords/keyword phrases, and studied the search traffic data to discover the potential monetizability of the website concepts.

These projects also required that I launch their Email Marketing campaigns. I was responsible for organically  growing their  in-house mailing lists. This included A/B testing the lead capture landing pages and produce and deliver the e-newsletter, and write and deliver sales promotions by email.

In a number of cases I improved conversions by researching Open Rates and CTR, A/B testing subject lines, landing pages, headlines, images, and offering hotter products and services.

For the site SmileSteps.com, we adjusted the content and marketing focus by adding a B2B component. This enabled them to reach out to dental offices, dentists, and the dental industry. Over time this will attract higher margin sales.

Copywriting is just one  important skill set I bring to the table.

I’m also a geeky tester. In these website launches we set up and analyzed heat maps, content analysis, and even Google analytics. This enabled us to study and improve Site Usability and Visitor traffic.

This testing and analysis also helped guide us to match search intent withproducts and services visitors wanted. And made it easier and faster for visitors to find them on the site.

Other Content Marketing: Video Marketing, Images…

I’m not a videographer or graphic designer. But I’m very handy and have a lot of hands on experience which is valuable because it allows me to communicate clearly with other professionals and deliver the results you want.

For instance, the images on this website are all created or edited by me. A professional can do a better job. But I know what to look for, know what to ask for, and most important, I know what to watch out for.

On the website WingChunLife.com I helped them start their Video Marketing campaigns. I’m not a professional camera man, but because I’ve done my fair share of video editing, uploading, sharing, and embedding, plus I’ve got bruised from learning on the street, I can help you get the results you want.

Email Marketing, eZines, Newsletters, Lead Nurturing, and more…


Email is the workhorse in the digital marketing world!

You want to get work done? Generate more leads, convert leads, sell more products, set appointments, or more?

Use email.

Some “newbies” laugh and say social media is where it’s all at.

Maybe, maybe not. The truth is, you need an email address otherwise Facebook doesn’t work.

Above is a shot of a content email. I’ve written over 500 such pieces for this and other clients. This format can be used to nurture leads and to stay top of mind. I’ve even included small ads within emails like these… to either sell a product directly or enable the reader to set an appointment or request a live demo.

You want to get into Mobile Marketing? Email is a great way to start because many people read their email off their phones!

Email is powerful because those who give you their email, usually want to hear from you; and open to buy from you.

Sales Brochures, Sales Letters, Ads, Lead Generating Pieces, PPC Landing Pages…

Above is a multipage sales brochure. I wrote the sales copy. The graphics and layout were done by someone else.

My client was in real estate development and this helped him, help a client, sell huge, illuminated billboard space at an outlet shopping center called the Citadel, in Los Angeles, CA.

It worked. They secured contracts with big advertisers. The copy focused on the ROI and number of impressions the billboards got. The outlet is right on the 5 Freeway in Southern California. A prime location.

Above is a display ad for a new (at the time) electric hot water kettle.

The client wanted to place this ad in trade magazines and generate distributor and agent inquiries.

They wanted to sell more of these kettles in bulk to stores, supermarkets, and department stores.


The sample above is a long-form, lead generating sales letter packaged as a report.

This was written during the 2007-2008 economic collapse.

The client used it to open sales appointments inside banks.

Specifically inside the REO and Distressed Property divisions.

If you remember, the real estate bubble from that time popped violently. The client had a program that helped banks hold the value of their foreclosed property.

The sample directly above is a landing page for a PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising campaign.

This client was a large carpet and flooring retailer and installer. He used Google Adwords to help generate leads; as well as radio ads, newspaper inserts, direct mail, and more.

This landing page was created to help convert those online leads and turn them into appointments and sales quotes.

The image directly above is a long-form sales letter packaged as a brochure for a telecommunications company.

They had a special product and service where they would develop technology to allow anyone to become a small phone company.

Ever seen calling cards for sale or used something like Skype? This client built you the technology that did the same thing and allowed you to keep the profits.

This piece was used to do a couple of things: 1) Generate leads for new telephone service business owners and 2) drive the sales inside their current client base by educating them on some of their new revenue generating features.

I also wrote the lead generating emails, landing page that offered this educational/sales piece, and the follow-up emails.

Reports, Positioning Pieces, eBooks, Articles, Press Releases, Case Studies, and more…

I’ve done my fair share of writing reports, white papers, and other long pieces of copy.

If you’re in a professional service business with tough competition, it can really help your lead generation, sales, and conversions if your market sees you as an expert.

Publishing interesting and useful information, that doesn’t put readers to sleep, is an important strategy I’ve helped many business deploy.

The image below is the cover to a manual on how to prepare, survive, and thrive in a crashing economy.

This piece was so helpful and in demand that it sold for over $75 a copy. And it was so popular it was successfully used as a bonus gift to increase sales to the client’s paid monthly newsletter.


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