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Summer is full swing Chez LeadgenWerx. 

My son recently attended a summer camp held by FEE (Foundation for Economics Education) about Entrepreneurism.

He was not looking forward to it at first. This was something Dad was making him do ;-(

Life's tough, right?

Anyhow, on the way home, we had a discussion about the camp.

The first thing I ask is, "on a scale from 1 to 10, what did you think?" 

I was expecting a low number since we "forced" him to go and he didn't know anyone there.

He said, "8."

Wow. I guess it's true. Capitalism is addictive.

Among other things, he gave me a brief overview on one lecture that discussed what is an entrepreneur.

Long story short, entrepreneurs create value for others. And you do NOT have to start your own business to be an "entrepreneur."

You should always think and behave like an entrepreneur. 

You could be an employee and still be an entrepreneur. You'd provide more and more value to your employer in order to get more and more money.

I like that. Always find ways to provide more value and use money as a thermometer to gauge how well you're doing. 

Always find ways to provide more value in order to gain more money. And you can do this as a business owner or as an employee.

If you're looking for ways to provide more value to your customers and think that stronger and better marketing strategies can help, then contact me. 

Let's create value together

-- Rob