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The Number One Focus for Copywriting and Marketing Success


I spent the last week at a copywriting and direct response marketing Bootcamp in Florida. And out of those five days, I got one golden nugget. Just one.

Most people would think that getting one piece of information, one tip, or one idea out of a five-day investment is a waste of time and money. I probably would have agreed with them a few years ago. But I’m a changed man.

For the past year, I’ve been hyper-conscious on keeping laser focus, doing only one thing at a time, 80/20 my life and work, doing what matters most and ignoring everything else. I’m kind of brutal with it.

I don’t even care to clean up the house when my wife lets me get away with it. Heck if I lived alone, I probably wouldn’t shower or brush my teeth.

If you go down this road, make sure you have a bit of balance.

So what’s the one golden nugget I got out the whole event?

Write every day.

To the uninitiated, this sounds boring and stupid. But to the savvy marketer, this is either genius or “duh.”

I’ll admit it, I’m human. And I let this fundamental wealth building tip get away from me. I’ll let you know why at a later date, maybe tomorrow.

The point is, I’ve been writing every day since I learned (re-learned) this advice. Including today, which is a Sunday. My family is having lunch in the next room, but I just have to keep this promise to myself and write every day, no excuses, no B.S.

There is no marketing without copywriting.

Email, blog post, case study, report, social media, video script, ads, etc. Marketing is greased with copywriting. Your marketing and business become profitable with strong, killer, emotionally driven copy.

And for a direct response copywriter and marketing consultant like myself, that one piece of advice – write every day – is easily worth a million dollars for me and my clients. And worth the whole trip.

Like I mentioned, I’m brutal on keeping my focus where it counts, where I can get the biggest return for my effort.

For me, it’s write every day.

But for you, it probably is not.

You have your own personal points of leverage. That if you just focused your time and attention on that, it would bring you millions of dollars and added joy to your life.

Focus on what you’re good at, and let me focus on your marketing and the copy needed to bring you more leads and sales.