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The 2016 AWAI Copywriting Bootcamp


I landed in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on Tuesday night. I’m here for AWAI’s 2016 Copywriting Bootcamp. This is the third one I’m attending after a two-year hiatus.

I wasn’t sure what to expect this year even though I came as a vendor looking to build a shortlist of copywriters I can call on to help with different client projects.

It’s been a great experience so far. The speakers are good and I’ve picked up new tips and gotten reminders of past tips I’ve forgotten or let fall to the wayside. It’s important to get a refresher and recharge your batteries on a regular basis.

It’s also been great talking shop with other working copywriters and marketers. I definitely don’t get to do that when I’m at home. My wife just rolls her eyes when I try to explain what I do.

She doesn’t get marketing or copywriting. In her mind, I just sit at the computer, as if I just play video games all day.

Many people at this event are new or new-ish freelance copywriters. I share my pointers with them and give them hope and motivate them to keep at it because it can pay off.

I ran into one woman, Li Vasquez-Noone, who I met at my second Bootcamp many years ago. She was brand new at the time and was skeptical about the whole “make a living as a copywriter thing.” I told her then, “it’s real, but it’s real work, too.”

She’s been a working copywriter ever since and even freelances for AWAI, the host of this Bootcamp. It was nice running into her again and catching up.

Many other copywriters are experienced and I get to learn from their on-the-ground experiences. Their successes, their hacks, and their ideas that completely bombed.

I’m picking up tons of tips, tools, and ideas I plan to use in my own business and with clients to make their businesses more successful.