Business Is More Fun When You Have a Ton Of Leads Trying To Break Down Your Door And Give You Money!

Sometimes It Just Pays Off To Be Two-Faced In Direct Marketing, It Does...


Do you want to know why being two-faced is a good thing? First, this has nothing to do with honesty. Nothing at all…

I’m looking through my local paper’s Personal’s Section. I’m not looking for a date. But let’s say I was…

Who would I look for? Who would you look for? Hmm?

Woman, Man? Tall Dark And Handsome? Has a good sense of humor? Likes to eat garlic, like you? Anyone because you’re desperate?

Here’s one: I am majoring in Game & Simulation Programming. I love playing games it doesn’t matter what kind. I like watching movies, playing pool, and bowling … I love being around people and hanging out, but I also like to stay in and watch movies all night.

Now compare this business ad: The Future of Business: Stop hearing about success stories and be a success story. Millions of people around the world now choose to work from home now you can too!

Here’s another personals ad: Just turned … 40… believe that I have just started my life. With a very satisfying career… looking to share that with someone who's like me… stabilized… for the future. Not a Republican …I love a decent public policy debate…

Compare another business ad: Air Conditioning: Global Mechanical Services … Sales * services * Installations and repairs! Residential light commercial

Do any of these ads attract you or repel you to any degree? What if you were looking for a business to help you solve a problem or a date?

You don’t want to date just anyone, do you? Most likely not. In business, many business owners and executives mention and believe that they want to sell their product to everyone. They want anyone to walk through their door. Visit their website, call their phone.

But you don’t want that. If anyone contacted you about maybe doing business with you, they’d waste your time and eat up your capital and stink up your office with garlic.

Looking, acting, and smelling desperate isn’t good in dating. And it’s just as bad in business. Desperation repels just about everyone.

So you must be two-faced in marketing.

Your ads, sales letters, and marcom should be written to attract those you want to do business with. And at the same time repel others you don’t want to work with.