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How to Use The News to Boost Your Marketing, Advertising, and Public Relations Reach


You want momentum in business. And using the news in your marketing can boost your efforts and sling-shot your promotions into profit mode.

The one drawback with using the news (that I can think of) is when it’s not new anymore your promotion can grow cold.

But that shouldn’t discourage you. Every promotion, no matter how successful, grows stale at some point. For instance…

Does Nike use “Just Do It” anymore? No

Does Dominoes Pizza still use “Fresh Hot Pizza in 30 minutes or less, Guaranteed.”? No

Does Wendy’s use “Where’s the Beef?”  No

Does FedEx still say “When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight.”? No

So go ahead exploit the news and wring out every single dollar you can. Combine and tie-in the news to your marketing promotions. You’ll be happy you did.

Here are some simple ideas that others use and you can mimic. If it’s too hard or you don’t have enough time to do it yourself you can hire someone like me to do it for you.

1) A Tale of Two Financial Sellers

They both use the very same world events (current state of the financial and banking markets) to communicate and pitch their clients. They even have opposing points of view. One is a financial planner. The other is a company that sells “under the radar” stock tips.

One tells his clients to jump ship, swim for safety in cash, and use current strategies for the current environment. “Don’t get bulldozed by the tsunami”.

The other tells his clients to hold tight. Focus on the long range plan. The current market crisis will pass. “The stock market always goes up.”

Can you guess who says what? It doesn’t matter in this article. The marketing point is you can always get a boost (small or large) if you market with the trends. And you can use the trends to push you in any direction you want. You’re in control.

2) Crisis News Promotion

Crisis-related news, and promotions attached to crisis-related news are powerful because people look for information to solve the problem. New problems require new solutions. Sell them your solution:

  • You can sell yours in a different light
  • Create new angles that mesh with what’s going on in the market
  • Create new products or services to fit the current emergency
  • Repurpose your existing inventory as the solution to the crisis

Here are Three quick examples

A) Before: Honda made good quality and long lasting cars. Now they make fuel efficient cars The same exact cars, but the current news is oil and gasoline is expensive.

B) A recent episode on Oprah had two financial gurus explain the $700,000,000,000 Bailout to “normal” people.

Each got great press for themselves and the companies they represented. Oprah got viewers and advertisers because her show was providing “vital” information in layman’s terms.

C) A project I’m looking into provides non-bank money for real estate purchases. Even though the Bailout was approved that money won’t reach the little people who just want to buy themselves a house.

This client has a solution to the tight credit problem you read about every day in the news. It’s something different that helps individuals, FSBO (for sale by owners), mortgage brokers, real estate brokers, real estate investors, and developers get on with their business and life, despite what you read in the news.

3) News Can Be Good Or Bad, But It’s Always Good For Your Marketing and Advertising

In times of overbearing stress and pessimism bring good news.

People tire of bad news quick. If you’ve been playing the gloom and doom card or, better yet, if your competition has been playing fear and anger in their promotions, flip it around and be Santa Claus during the dark cold days of winter.

A jewelry client decided to experiment with a new and light-hearted angle in their email promotions. Instead of the typical “20% off” promotion. The idea was, the financial markets are melting… buy more gold jewelry to protect your wealth and look beautiful.

4) Spoof The News in Your Promotions

The TV show Saturday Night Live (SNL) has been getting a lot of traction spoofing Governor Palin and her bid for Vice President of the United States. Their ratings are up and the highest they’ve been for years.

Warning: Humor is very difficult to pull off. I do not recommend using humor or comedy in any of your marketing or advertising promotions.

Even though it’s working very well for SNL and Tina Fey who impersonates Governor Palin. There’s about 40% to 50% of the country that’s grinding their teeth and clenching their fist watching Governor Palin get spoofed (ridiculed).

5) Easy News to Promote

Holidays and special occasions are easy to promote. You can even make up an occasion or highlight one that no one pays any attention to.

A friend of mine worked in the office supply business. He sent monthly Holiday cards to his client list. Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Happy Columbus Day, Happy Martin Luther King Day. No one sends or receives cards on these days! These simple promotions always generated repeat orders from clients because they were different and he was the only one promoting those holidays (no competition).

I copied it when I worked in financial planning. I sent Happy Chinese New Year’s Cards and Happy Halloween Cards. People loved them. It kept me top of mind and I generated at least a referral, follow-up appointment, or financial review from them.

6) Create The News

This morning, I got an email from an old acquaintance who I haven’t heard from for over two years. Her news? She started a new business and wanted to let me know. Of course, if I’m interested I can sign up for her services, too.

A couple of months ago another acquaintance invited me to his fiancee’s recently bought business and Grand Re-Opening.

On TV Toyota is advertising 0% financing. Why is that news? It’s FREE Money!