Business Is More Fun When You Have a Ton Of Leads Trying To Break Down Your Door And Give You Money!

Direct Mail Still Has Powerful Marketing And Lead Gen Benefits


Here’s a piece I got through “snail mail”. And it’s so powerful I’m going to take them up on their offer.

It’s important to point out that if I got this same offer through an email, I would not have paid attention.

I know, because I get email offers from my local “big box” office supply store, bookstores, and so many others I don’t keep track. And so far I’ve put them all off for weeks, months … forget about it… those emails are long deleted.

I am Not saying email marketing doesn’t work. It does. But so do TV ads, Newspaper ads, flyers, billboards, etc. All media has its place.

In many circles, however, especially on the Internet world, mail is the bastard-child. Here are my two-cents. Don’t pick favorites, stick to the fundamentals and make your profit.

Take a good look at Her

She’s so plain and frumpy. So unassuming many underestimate her. A lowly white envelope, yes “junk” mail.

She’s not sexy or flashy. She’s not glossy or cool. But is “junk” mail evil? Is she so grotesque and deformed that she deserves to be ditched into the trash without a glance?

Most of it is. And the art director, marketing executive, copywriter, and business owner should be reprimanded for wasting valuable resources.

But this one … she’s different

This Plain Jane sat on my desk for a week. Under a pile of stuff. She didn’t complain one bit. I happened to move things around and there she was.

She popped out and “grabbed me” all over again…

123 Main Road Blvd
Los Angeles CA 91111

Gasp! She’s speaking to me

Oh, and this one. She’s flirtatious too…

FREE Pizza!
FREE Breadsticks!
FREE 2-Liter!

See inside? But I’m busy. I’m in the middle of something …. I’m committed to someone else; Well, maybe just one peek.

This one. She’s a Vixen in disguise.

She whispers in my ear. Shivers go down my spine. Her lips tell me how she’ll please me in many, many ways. And I do want to be pleased (It’s been so long, and so many disappointments).

My blood pressure rises. She pulls me closer. Promises, guarantees even… that I can have my way with her and she won’t complain. She teases me to give in to her temptations, take a bite of her forbidden fruit: With… No… Strings… Attached…

I can’t control my urges any longer! Wait for me, darling… I’m on my way —

Stick to the fundamentals of marketing

You don’t need to always chase after the next best thing. The bling-bling. The bells and whistles. The flashy or new technology. Many times it can be a huge distraction.

But you do have to speak to your prospect. You need to know how to flirt with her. You need to know how to tantalize him. How to address her concerns and objections so it leads to a sale. Take away his doubt and hesitation. Make it easy for her to trust you. And satisfy him so he comes back for more and recommends all his friends to you too.

If you use strong fundamentals in a direct mail piece:

  • It will get a response
  • It will sit on a desk for weeks, months. And make the pitch for you over and over again.

It can do this because it’s four dimensional.

You can feel the texture of the paper. You can hear the texture of the paper. The colors change as you move it and light bounces off. You can smell it. You can hear the tear of the envelope.

It has weight. You can manipulate and control it: fold it, bend it, flip it around, crumple it, put it away above you, below you, to your right, or to your left. You can stuff other things inside the envelope.

A plain white envelope with a one-page sales letter, heck even a post card, is so much more interactive than even the most complex computer software.

By sitting on a desk for weeks and months. Filed in a paper file. Placed in a real inbox. Taped to the wall because it’s important. It can make the sales pitch for you over and over again.

Mail also has mass. It takes up space.

I have a pile of mail around my office. This is the mail that made the first cut.

When this pile gets too scary I “deal” with it. Before throwing it away or filing it or pinning it to my bulletin board – I look through it again. Letting all the good ones grab me one more time. Maybe, this time, I take action.

Email promotions on the other hand, well… I think I can fit about one Million email messages on my computer and never look at them again. They’re essentially lost in my hard-drive forever. One Million mail pieces? I’d have to rent a warehouse…

Direct mail works. Use solid fundamentals and strong copy, and you can find success with direct mail, too.

Do you disagree? Do you think direct mail is too expensive to do right? Those online promotions are much cheaper and therefore more effective than mail in every case? Tell me about it.