Business Is More Fun When You Have a Ton Of Leads Trying To Break Down Your Door And Give You Money!

Cross-Pollination For Marketing and Advertising


Learn something from left field and use it in your business for maximum advantage.

Others will think it's a breath of fresh air. Maybe even call you "ahead of your time".

Direct mail and direct marketing are a lucrative industry because they test their marketing and advertising effectiveness. Tweaking and improving along the way.

When their marketing concepts transfer to online marketing the speed of making money is phenomenal. Computer software makes it simple to track and measure results and feedback, it's virtually instant. Making improvements almost instant.

Other examples:

  • 24-hour a day manufacturing cross-pollinated to 24-hour a day retailing (7-Eleven stores).
  • The Beauty and Health Spa: Pay a lot of money to get pampered, look better, and feel better. Cross-pollinated to -- Cars!

Near my home is a gigantic "Auto Spa". Take your car in and they "pamper" it. It'll look better and drive better afterward. And you get to pay extra for the "privilege".

What do you think? Is hijacking money making ideas from a completely different industry and applying it to yours a shrewd idea or a complete waste of time and resources?