Business Is More Fun When You Have a Ton Of Leads Trying To Break Down Your Door And Give You Money!

Are You Infected by Marketing Technology ADHD?


About a year ago I took a quick left turn in my direct response marketing practice and accepted a position in a fast growing digital marketing agency at the center of Silicon Beach.

The pay was horrible, the hours were ugly, and the commute was terrible. In a sense, this was a step back, but worth it because it allowed me to take a step forward as well.

During my time there I worked on 30 client projects. Overkill, but that’s the agency business.

One of the things I picked up is that digital marketing agencies focus a ton of time on tools.

It makes sense because when you’re managing 8, 10, or 30 clients at the same time, you need tools to keep everything together and orderly. Also, digital marketing and internet marketing require some tools to get the work done.

But I felt the focus on tools was a bit of a disservice to the agency and to the clients. I believe to be a great and effective marketer you need to develop and perfect the fundamental skills.

What skills are those?

  • Finding your customer’s hot buttons and pushing them effectively
  • Communicating clearly
  • Communicating persuasively
  • Quickly finding the right customers
  • Selling
  • Negotiating
  • Understanding and respecting human behavior
  • Improving empathy

Why do I believe this?

Because humans don’t change.

I read an article once where they uncovered a female Egyptian mummy. When they opened her coffin and took a look inside, they found her perfume and makeup buried with her.

The better you know people, the better you know how to persuade and motivate them, and the more money you will make.

Unlike people, digital tools change all the time.

Disruption is the name of the game. It’s all about selling bells and whistles and chasing the next shiny object.

Your favorite digital tools get minor and major upgrades almost weekly. While new competitors come to market and try to push out the ‘legacy’ brands.

We spent a ton of time learning and relearning and doing demos of dozens of tools that promised to make our job easier. But we spent no time improving our understanding of people and what motivates them.

I hated this because I firmly believe people are the ones who give you money. Not bots, not spiders, not algorithms, not VR goggles, not AI machines. People.

But this is where my step forward comes in.

If you already have a strong grasp on fundamental marketing and copywriting principles and take the time to improve this knowledge every day, then getting the right tools into your hands can get you ahead much faster.

It’s like giving a master carpenter a better saw, you’ll get a better result.

I evaluated dozens of tools for marketing automation, email marketing, media buying, SEO, analytics, machine learning, etc.

And I got real-world, hands-on experience working with dozens of platforms for clients.

I personally managed 11 different email marketing programs, 5 marketing automation platforms, 2 e-commerce platforms, 3 website builders, 4 landing page tools, and more.

But rather than get hypnotized by the next shiny object syndrome, I learned to quickly evaluate if a tool would really make life easier, and make my clients more money, or not.

Would the tool really help me touch my client’s customers emotionally and intellectually so they made a purchase?

If you’re marketing your own business and feel like you’re drowning in marketing techno-babble and getting internet marketing ADD, contact me and I’ll fish you out of the mess.