Business Is More Fun When You Have a Ton Of Leads Trying To Break Down Your Door And Give You Money!

Get More Done, Remove Distractions


Smartphones may be great for some professionals but not for marketing pros or copywriters because it takes up headspace...

What's A Good Open Rate And Click Through Rate For Emails?


What's A Good Open Rate And Click Through Rate For Emails? Well, vanity metrics don't really count.

We're All Entrepreneurs... Let's Create Value Together


My son shared his experience at a teenage educational camp for future entrepreneurs held by FEE (Foundation for Economics Education).

What A Real Estate SCAM Artist Can Teach You About Marketing Better!


Your marketing systems and copy have to be stronger and better than what scam artists are doing otherwise you have no chance of getting ahead.

Webinar: Facebook Targeting


I was on a webinar talking about Facebook targeting, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Most entrepreneurs spend too much time and MONEY, using social media for free, organic traffic. Try this instead.

Don't “Get Things Done.” Do This Instead.


Do you get 'things' done? Do you check off all your tasks every day? Or does your to-do list grow faster than your ability to check things off? Or how about this, do you reach the end of the day completely exhausted and tired but have no clue what you actually accomplished? What are you waiting for, read this post and take your medicine!

Many Marketing “Pros” Are *Clueless* About Marketing Fundamentals; And That's Awesome!


In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king...

Are You Infected by Marketing Technology ADHD?


What's the next shiny new marketing object? Who cares. It doesn't matter if you don't have the fundamentals down.

The Number One Focus for Copywriting and Marketing Success


Focus on one thing... Focus on one thing... Focus on one thing...

The 2016 AWAI Copywriting Bootcamp


You'd never guess people who write for a living and like to keep to themselves drink so much!