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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Whatever your reason for dropping by my website, you probably want to know more about a freelance contractor before you hire him.

If we were sitting face-to-face, chatting in your office, you'd ask me questions. Let me try to answer a few of those right here...

”What qualifies you to be a lead generation specialist and sales copywriter?”

I’ve been involved in sales, marketing, and PR since 1993. I have on-the-ground experience with telemarketing, door-to-door sales, and face-to-face business development… which surprisingly many other sales writers and lead generation specialists do not have.

Here are just a few highlights:

  • In 1996, I wrote my first direct mail piece, which generated a 5% close rate and acquired lucrative, long-term clients (two were Fortune 500) for an international translation/interpretation agency;

  • In 2003, I was an early adopter and used a website to sell health insurance direct to consumers;

  • 2008, an e-commerce fine jewelry client banked a 667% return on investment (ROI) with a 4-step email marketing campaign I created;

  • 2009, a flooring chain (i.e. tile, laminate, carpeting) client generated hundreds of sales leads a month through Integrated Marketing campaigns that combined Pay Per Click (Google Adwords), email, direct mail, and online marketing;

  • 2010, I worked with a VoIP (Voice over IP) communications provider and helped them launch their new 5-figure-dollar platform. The sales lead campaign I created pulled in a 10.73% response in the first 48 hours;

  • 2011, Developed content and over 100 articles on geopolitics for an investment and preparedness client.

  • 2013, Launched three content-based websites and drove traffic using SEO and Social Media marketing. Improved usability by implementing and analyzing website heat maps.

  • 2015, Exploded a client's lead capture campaign by 27%. Beat another client's email open rate by 56%. Designed and implemented four marketing automation campaigns. And enabled a client to pocket $15,763 in the first month and a half after launching.

  • 2016, Spearheaded and managed entire cold email lead generation campaign for a regulated financial firm that raised money for start-ups. Used third party vendors to scrape and verify email and contact information for start-up founders, CEOs and Presidents, wrote email copy, A/B tested sends, got compliance approvals, and generated up to a 3.44% appointment ratio based on sends (35.38% based on clicks).

  • Grew a client’s in-house email list by 32,000 names in seven months (4,571 names per month) by implementing CRO (conversion rate optimization) and A/B testing lightboxes/pop-ups.

  • Exploded another client’s app registrations by 3,766% (from 149 registered users to 5,567) in seven weeks using Facebook ads.

  • 2017, Consulted and oversaw copy and messaging (copy chiefed) for a start up luggage company and helped them break 100% of their Kickstater funding goal in the first 48 hours.

  • 2018, Completed over 307 marketing Strategy Sessions guiding entrepreneurs in info-marketing, ecommerce, affiliate marketing, consulting & coaching, professional services, trades, real estate, and many more industries on how to launch new businesses, turn around struggling ones, or take a stable company to new levels of growth using effective email list building and email marketing strategies. 

    One client, in real estate training, took our resources, templates, training, and mentoring and went from zero email list to over $45 per name while stabilizing his monthly revenue in just 4.5 months.

I feel I have the required skills to generate high-quality leads for your business and convert them into sales and appointments.

“How do I know you’ll understand my business?”

Chances are that I’ve worked on a project similar to yours.

I've marketed products and services to consumers (B2C) and to businesses (B2B).

I've worked in markets and with clients that include the Fortune 500; high-tech; software/hardware; cloud, app, and SaaS services; insurance, legal, lending, real estate, and financial services; business and professional services; dental and healthcare; hospitality; education and training; fleet vehicles; utilities; skin care; nutritional supplements; and even X-ray equipment and water and air filtration systems.

Rest assured that I will not accept your project if I do not believe I can add value.

"Do you have samples?"

Yes! Take a look at my portfolio. Does it seem "right up your alley?" If not, call me and we can discuss your specific needs. In all cases, I only accept assignments I feel confident about.

You get my very best.

“What kinds of projects do you handle and what items do you write?”

60% of my projects are related to lead generation and lead nurturing - Top of the funnel: Helping businesses identify ideal prospects, engage them, attract them, build or find a targeted list, segment a list or database, reactivate lost customers, or stay top of mind with pre-selling content and copy until the leads are ready to buy... and buy from you, not your competition.

40% of my projects are related to closing leads or getting them to sit down with your sales people - Bottom of the funnel: Making sure your leads buy from you, not your competition; getting prospects to click directly to a sales page to make a purchase; call a phone number or complete an application to schedule an appointment; or create the sales page or order form to take their order.

If your project requires conversions, leads, sales, appointments, subscribers, memberships, or higher response… I can help.

“Do you also consult clients or do strategy?”

Yes. I'm available to help plan your marketing or lead generation strategy to generate maximum results. From 2017 through 2018 I completed nearly 297 marketing plans and strategy sessions in over 17 industries for both B2B and B2C companies. You'll be pleased and happy to get on-target and focused advice that works.

“What kind of investment will I need to hire you for a project?”

Your project is unique: email marketing and email copy; PPC set up and monthly optimization management; website strategy; sales letter; feature article; display ad; press release; copy critique; on-going consulting ...

Just let me know what you have in mind and I'll quote you a price. Download my LeadGen Info Kit to get a hold of my "Schedule of Estimated Fees" which gives you typical a la carte prices on a variety of projects.

"Who are your clients and what do they say?"

 I want this to be a good fit fro everyone so I encourage you to look over what some of my clients say about working with me.

"How long does it take to finish my project?"

Ideally, on large projects, like direct mail packages, I would like to have 2 – 3 weeks because it gives me enough time to research, write, polish, edit, and revise until I’m satisfied.

Shorter projects, like a banner ad or a reactivation email, take less time.

However, you may need things done sooner. If you need your project delivered faster, tell me. If I accept, I guarantee you will receive your project on or before the deadline, and it will be done right.

“What if I need revisions?”

Not a problem. You're satisfaction is guaranteed. Simply tell me what you want improved and what the changes are and I'll make them, fast… and at my expense.

There is NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE for revisions. Revisions based on the scope of the project are included in the flat-fee we agree to, provided they're assigned within 30 days your project is delivered to you.

“How do we get started?”

Putting me to work for you is easy. Reach out and tell me about your project, challenges, and goals. Then, we'll flesh out the details together.

Once you give me the go ahead and complete the deposit, I schedule your project and lock it into my calendar. You will receive it on or before the deadline date. No matter what, it is guaranteed to please you!

Dozens of companies have found my lead generation and copywriting services ideal for generating high-quality leads, promoting their business, and increasing their bottom line results.

Would you like to lock in my calendar?


Click here to reach me and request my Information Kit.