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Getting to Know Robert Nomura


He delivers results
...sometimes pizza

A Quiet, Yet Adventuresome Childhood…

Robert spent his childhood riding his bike - without a helmet - and hiking among rattlesnakes and the great golden boulders of the Valley. He grew up in an old pioneer town that was, and still is, located in a hidden corner of Los Angeles.

It was a magical land where they filmed M*A*S*H episodes, the TV series A Little House in the Prairie, and dozens of black and white cowboy movies.

Even today, you can catch a wrangler or two trotting on horseback among minivans and SUVs.

A Stranger in the Big Wide World…

As Robert grew older he itched to see the world; the golden sandstone boulders weren't enough to hold his curiosity.

After high school he moved to the East Coast to live in Boston. During those years he traveled north to south from Quebec to Florida, and even dropped into Kentucky.

For nearly a decade he jumped into new adventures with both feet, met new people, and buried himself deep inside foreign cultures to really get to know the locals and learn what made them tick.

In addition to Boston, he lived and worked in Spain and then France (picking up both languages). And then flew to the opposite end of the earth to live and work in Thailand and then China (where he did not pick up the languages so well).

These travels pushed him beyond his comfort zone. In each new environment he had to quickly master settling in, making new friends, and finding work to earn his way.

He didn't know it then, but he was developing important skills that would serve him well later.

The Business and Marketing World…

During this period, he had to quickly adapt to new cultures. Each one was as different as night is to day. He developed the knack to communicate with people, understand them, and to motivate and persuade them… even if he didn't speak their language well, or not at all.

By reading their body language, listening to their tone of voice, or simply observing their actions, he developed a sixth sense that enabled him to communicate and understand people.

In Business, This Is A Valuable Skill.

This rich experience enables him to gain trust, lower sales resistance, and motivate strangers to take action. Actions like clicking a link, downloading a report, scheduling an appointment, or buying something online.

During the Recession of 1996 he was the office manager of an international agency (headquartered in Tokyo) that was at risk of going bankrupt.

His boss asked him to help bring in more business. Instead of cold calling, he read a book by David Ogilvy and wrote his first piece of direct mail. It was a baptism by fire!

That first lead generation campaign signed up new clients like Oakwood, the world’s leading corporate housing manager, and Minimed, the manufacturer of the insulin pump [now owned by Medtronic, the manufacturer of the pacemaker]… and helped keep the company in business.

After that success, he moved to Thailand to start an MLM skin care distributorship with a friend. It started taking off, but unfortunately stalled because of the late Asian Financial Crisis. For the next two years he worked in both Thailand and China coaching executives in corporate English communication and cultural sensitivity.

Back in the States he worked in high-tech market research with companies like IBM, Motorola, HP, and others. Interestingly, he found an opportunity to work with a start-up and hoped to hit the “lottery” when it went public (IPO). But, those plans busted with the Dot Com crash.

After the fallout, Robert entered the financial planning field where he applied digital and direct response marketing to generate leads and set sales appointments. He was even an early adopter selling health insurance through a website and setting appointments with email in the early 2000s.

What Makes Him Effective?

He combines his real world business, marketing, and international living experience to connect with his clients’ key prospects and create successful direct response copy and lead generation campaigns.

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