Business Is More Fun When You Have a Ton Of Leads Trying To Break Down Your Door And Give You Money!

What's The Biggest Challenge Your Company Faces Generating Leads, Nurturing Them, And Converting Them? 

Stop the frustration and stop wasting time and money on marketing tactics that don't payoff!

If you're not happy with the marketing results you're getting now, then let's discuss your current challenges and what you'd like me to do.

My goal is to hit marketing home runs. 

But frankly, I don't know if I'm the kind of marketing consultant you need and I don't know if I can help because we don't know each other yet...

Here are a few things I've helped other clients accomplish:

  • Helped save a professional services company from bankruptcy with one direct mail sales letter.
  • Wrote a 21-email series that enabled a sports apparel company retain over $200,000 in orders and avoid returns and charge backs when their manufacturer couldn't ship product on time.
  • Designed a marketing funnel for a high-tech firm to successfully launch a five-figure VoIP platform internationally.
  • Wrote and A/B tested 7 Facebook ads that boosted an education app developer's registrations by more than 3,000% in less than two months. From 147 registered users to over 5,000 registered users in seven weeks!

Yes, I've gotten results in the past.

But no. I'm not going to make you any big empty promises like other marketing consultants, copywriters, or agency sales people would at this point.

That's not how I opperate.

We haven't met, so I have no idea if what I do could benefit you. And that's fact.

But if you are facing marketing, conversion, bandwidth, or lead generation challenges, I am worth your consideration. (Feel free to disagree, of course.)

Would it be helpful if you knew a bit more about me before deciding to chat?

Go ahead and pick up a copy of my 'Robert Nomura Exposed! Lead Gen Info Kit'

I expose myself in this Kit; and I promise it's all PG-13 ;-)

With the Kit in your hands you get to check me out without any pressure and decide to move forward or not.

Inside you'll get answers to some of your questions and learn more about my capabilities:

  • Am I worth your time?
  • Worth your money?
  • Who qualifies as a client?
  • Stats and home runs I've hit for clients,
  • Proprietary business process, 
  • Clients, 
  • Past projects, 
  • Samples, 
  • Fee schedule,  
  • Daily emails about marketing and copywriting, and 
  • Next steps to discuss your biggest business challenges.

You'll have enough information to either:

  1. Properly disqualify me or,
  2. Want to reach out and schedule an introductory call.

Here's the Kit:

Download it and let's see where this takes us.

Robert Nomura
LeadGen Marketing Consultant | Direct Response Copywriter | Kung Fu Dude